Hi my name is Jane and I've struggled all my life with my weight.  After finally successfully losing 90 pounds on Weight Watchers over 7 years ago, I have always wanted to feel stronger and healthier with exercise and the right nutrition.  I have found both of these things thru Shawn and his wonderful boot camp.  Finding out that exercise alone is not always enough but adding good nutition and a positive attitude has put it all together.  I've never had so much energy and I love the way my clothes fit.  You deserve it Ladies!!!  Treat yourself and feel awesome.

Jane Himmer - Stewartville, MN
"Join Boot Camp & Feel Awesome!"
I want to personally thank you for putting an ad in the Rochester Post- Bulletin. When I saw, Boot camp for Women, I said I need to sign up. I sent out an email to several of the teachers I work with and said...if you are looking for a new challenge join the Boot camp for Women this summer. I turned 40 in March and I have always been active- but I honestly have been getting bored with my usual workouts.  I thought the boot camp would be a perfect challenge for me. I didn't hesitate and I signed up for 3 months- without knowing what I was getting into to. I have not been disappointed yet. I feel energized and rejuvenated.  The camp has been challenging and motivating.  I haven't had a morning where I dreaded getting out of bed at 5am....I look forward to coming and to trying new exercises.  Thank you for helping me reach my goals and for the positive environment to feel good about myself.
“Boot Camp Is Changing My Life!”

“Since I’ve started boot camp I have noticed my energy levels have skyrocketed.  Shawn has helped me realize that exercise can be fun and he has opened my eyes to the fact that I actually LOVE to exercise, and without that push of Boot Camp and Shawn’s motivation, I’m not sure I would have found that.  Shawn has been more than willing to take the time to help me get down the right path, whether it be with nutrition or just that extra push.  Since I have been in boot camp I have lost 20 pounds, and feel the best I have in a very long time.  Everyone asks me what is all this hype about boot camp, I proudly tell them how Shawn is changing my life and countless others, Thanks Shawn.

Bobbi Anderson-Stewartville, MN
“I’ve Lost 18 Pounds!”

“Since I’ve started boot camp I’ve lost 18 pounds and I feel great!  I have more energy to play with my kids and I’m not as tired as I use to be.  I enjoy having Shawn as my trainer and working with other ladies as we conquer out fitness goals together.  This is a great experience and I encourage any woman out there that is looking for a different exercise routine or a way to get motivate to try Boot Camp.  It's your first step to the finish line!

Jenny Petersen – Stewartville, MN
"I've Lost 10 Pounds And
2 Pant Sizes!"
She's 60 And She Loves How Boot Camp Makes Her Feel!
"I Feel Energized And Rejuvenated!"
"I'm A Better Wife & Mother Because
of Boot Camp Plus It's The First Time
I've Worn Shorts In 16 Years!"
"Down 22 Pounds &
2 Pant Sizes"
"I'm Back In My Favorite Blue Jeans!"
"I've Lost 30 Pounds At Age 60!"
Boot Camp Has Enhanced My Life (Down 23 Lbs)!
"I've Lost 24 Pounds And I'm Back In A Size 4!"
Personal Trainer: Rochester MN, Byron, Stewartville, Austin, Albert Lea, Cannon Falls, Zumbrota, Pine Island, Plainview, Eyota, Lake City, Winona, Dodge Center, Kasson, Owatonna, St. Charles, Oronoco, and MORE!
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"I've Lost 4 Pant Sizes!"

I've tried working out on my own at health clubs. I've tried every diet and I've even worked out with other fitness trainers. I can honestly tell you this. Shawn Eichorn's fitness program is the only program I recommend if you want serious results. It's the only program that has worked for me! I dropped 8% body fat and three pant sizes!!

Shelly Thompson - Rochester, MN
Do You Want Results Like This?
"From Couch Potato To Dropping 5 Pant Sizes & 37 Pounds!"
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Margaret Senn - Rochester, MN
"I'm Losing 1 To 3 Pounds Each Week!"

“I have recently completed Shawn’s Fitness Boot Camp Program. When I started eating like Shawn Showed me I started to lose 1 to 3 pounds every week! I’ve dropped one pant size and everything is fitting so much better after the program. Shawn has helped me feel better, look better, and has educated me on nutrition and exercise. This program is easy to follow, and Shawn was always available if I had any questions. It is a program that will work for any fitness level, beginner to enthusiast. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone who wants a better body and a better life”.

Bridget Fuller - Rochester, MN
"I was going to be 60 years old this year and I realized that if I didn't do something about my fitness and weight now, it would only get worse. After all, I was on the downhill slope! Although I had tried to lose some weight, and had tried running, it made no difference in my weight or fitness. I wanted to feel fit again - not old. So I joined Fitness Success.  I love my results (down 30 pounds). At age 60 I am in the best shape I have been in for 20+ years! I feel physically great, have more energy, and love the way I look. I absolutely love that each month I continue to improve on the fitness. I do not have to give in to the aging process. I eat healthier and I push myself. I am doing this for me, so I don't cheat myself during the fitness. I do all the repetitions, and I try to go at a pace that let's me complete an exercise without stopping and starting, but leaves me exhausted. If you are truly committed to doing this for yourself, Shawn and his boot camp is committed to help you." -
Roxi Bains - Rochester, MN - Age 60
Jill Nielsen - Kasson, MN
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Kathy Gibson - Rochester, MN
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Cindy Gagnon - Rochester, MN
"I've Lost 7" Off My Waist!"
(Down 24 Pounds!)

I really enjoy boot camp. The workouts are great and I love the women I work out with each week. I’ve lost 24 pounds and 38 inches off of my body. 12 of those inches have come off my hips and 7 inches off my waist. I'm feeling the best I probably ever have about myself because I finally have some muscle tone and energy. Thanks so much Shawn!

Shelly Brandt - Rochester, MN